Ikebana Vase - Alabama Rain (smokey-pink) - small

This is a smaller version of my larger Ikebana vases. They are just big enough to hold a flower bud or two. Ikebana vases (also called Camelia vases) have a tube to support the flowers. The tube has a hole in the bottom to let water pass through. Place your flower stems in the tube and fill the bowl area with water. The water will go through the hole in the tube to keep the stems hydrated. It can also be used as an incense burner for stick incense. 

This vase is wheel-thrown on dark stoneware with a smokey-pink glossy glaze called "Alabama Rain".

NOTE: The item you will receive might differ from the item in the photos. These vases are VERY similar when I make them. They are so similar that it was silly to make a posting for each one. 

approx. 3.75" wide by 2" tall
5 oz

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